1.Our Mission

Our mission is to show our students the methods to reach information and to teach them how to assess the information and to develop their second language learning skills by focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with the help of advanced education Technologies and methods.

2.Our Vision

The vision of Bülent Ecevit University, School of Foreign Languages is to be one of the best language education preparatory programs in Turkey by improving its successful position reached by implementing student-centered modern language teaching methods and advanced educational technology with its teaching staff who are bound to Atatürk’s principles, prone to teamwork, collaborative, innovative, dynamic, productive and competent.

3.Our Aims

The duration of the preparatory program is one academic year.

At the end of this period students will be able to

·          use appropriate words and structures effectively while speaking and writing in English and thus communicate effectively,

·         understand in-class and out-of-class English conversations on topics related to their personal interests, join these conversations, explain their personal feelings, thoughts and experiences in detail.

·         follow a daily conversation and the main points of spoken topics, listen to English for various purposes such as gathering information and creating ideas,

·         read simple technical texts about the areas they are interested in and gather information from them,

·         understand long personal letters and messages about emotions, experiences, events, wishes and plans, and official correspondences such as short business letters,

·         use techniques such as brainstorming, listing, organizing, drafting to write well-organized English articles, reports, letters,

·         reach a level that they can benefit from English-language sites on the internet to gather information on their personal interests.