Termly Course Contents

Course Code and Its Name

YDL 183 Course Content
YDL 184 Course Content
YDL 185 Course Content
YDL 186 Course Content


Office Hours
Every Thursday (between the hours 16:00 and 17:00) at Tahir Karauguz Conference Hall, students can meet their teachers and discuss course materials or ask for extra help. Click for the office hours for center and peripheral campuses.

The Cases of Exemption
Exemption from Foreign Languages (YDL) courses  
1.  to pass the exemption exam  done by the Department of Modern Languages  at the beginning of each academic year
2. to take and pass the course in another  institution of higher education (Faculty/school of the student have the right to give the decision of exemption)

Students have to complete at least 70 % of their on-line course materials as a prerequisite for passing YDL 183, YDL 184, YDL 185 and YDL 186 courses which are given within the distance-learning program.   40% of the midterm score and 60%of the final score are used in order to calculate the passing grade. Each department has their own evaluation criteria, and system toward passing grade. The students taking YDL courses will be evaluated according to these criteria.