Courses and Descriptions

At Bulent Ecevit University, foreign languages lessons have been performed through distance learning method since 2014-2015 Academic Year. Distance learning is an institutional activity in which the students, the teachers and the educational materials in different locations brought together thanks to the communication technology. The students can monitorize the lessons by entering the distance learning system from their accounts.( to this method, the students have the opportunity to follow the lessons in their pace and repeat and watch the lessons whenever and wherever they want. Lesson materials have been prepared by the instructors of modern languages department regarding of suitable levels. Our lecturers follow the lessons from the office of modern languages in Incirharmani Campus and are always available for our students' request of face to face meeting. Forums have been opened by our instructors to supply the students' active attendance and give the opportunity enable them to ask questions about the lesson context during the lesson hours and the students' participation is expected.