The computers which Language Laboratories of School of Foreign Languages had, have been renewed and put into service. 100 new and fully equipped computers have been taken into service for users. Language Laboratories of BEÜ School of Foreign Languages which provide students with opportunities to learn English interactively, have been renewed.

The director of Foreign Language School, Okşan Dağlı, who states that students will have a better chance of education through renewing the laboratories, says “with the support of our president Prof. Dr. Mahmut Özer, the process of renewing language laboratories has been completed. With this renewing, change and modernization of 100 computers with the systems which consist of nano computers with earphones and LED monitors have been carried out. By bringing in the language laboratory to our School of Foreign Languages, it will be possible that the quality of education and the aims of our University come true simultaneously. Besides that, this Project will make a big contribution to budget of our university, economy of our country and, of course, our students by increasing the energy efficiency.” BEÜ President Prof.Dr. Mahmut Özer, who states that in our digital world of today computer and internet supported language education has crucial significance, has mentioned about the language laboratories which have been completed “We have completed such a laboratory to develop the technical substructure of language laboratories of BEÜ School of Foreign Languages, to provide that our computers can run the modern language software without any problems and to offer the students an elegant and comfortable study environment. The renewed laboratories are important especially for prep students. Our students will be able to improve their language skills in a fully equipped environment. Thanks to our investment, we have offered 100 new and fully equipped computers to our students since 2015-2016 academic year. I wish the laboratory, which has been opened, may be helpful for the students of School of Foreign Languages.”

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