One of the main objectives of Communicative Language Teaching is to improve students’ oral and written communication skills. This approach has been commonly approved in language teaching for it is compatible with Common European Framework. In İncirharmanı Campus, also, students are given education in consideration of Communicative Language Teaching. For this reason, in accordance with the objectives below, the classes are based on the integrated skills of Communicative Language Teaching. Correspondingly, at the end of an education year;

For speaking skill students are expected;

  • to be able to communicate simply, providing that the interlocutors repeats the utterances in a slower speaking speed and they are helped to form their own utterances.
  • to be able to ask or answer simple questions about common topics or immediate requirements.
  • to be able to communicate for simple and common actions that require direct information exchange and are about familiar topics and activities, to participate in short conversations.
  • to be able to cope with numerous situations which may evolve in a travel to a country in which the language is spoken, to participate in conversations which are related to common and routine topics or topics within their interest.

For writing skill students are expected;

  • to be able to write postcards with short and simple sentences, to fill in a personal information form, to write simple notes and messages, to write short personal letters such as a thanking letter.
  • to be able to write texts about topics which are common or within their interest, to write personal letters that describe their impressions and experiences.

For listening skill students are expected;

  • to be able to understand familiar words and basic structure about themselves, their families or their immediate environment, to understand slow and clear speech.
  • to be able to understand the utterances which are directly related to their interests and commonly used words, to comprehend the keynote in short and clear messages and announcements.
  • to be able to understand the overall message of a conversation which is commonly experienced in places such as school, workplace or leisure environments, to comprehend the overall message of radio and TV programmes about recent events or their interests when they are slow and clear.

For vocabulary skill students are expected;

  • to master basic vocabulary even though they make mistakes while expressing their ideas about complicated or unfamiliar topics and situations.

For reading skill students are expected;

  • to understand common words and basic sentences in written texts such as catalog, announcements and posters.
  • to read short and simple texts, to understand short personal correspondences and to comprehend material from a variety of written genres, including advertisements, labels, menus and timetables.
  • to understand texts which include common words related to learners’ departments.
  • to understand the incident, feeling and wishes in personal correspondences.

For language use skill students are expected;

  • to use simple phrases and sentences to portray their living space and living conditions and to talk about their friends, family, education background and job experiences.
  • to connect the various phrases simply to describe their experiences, dreams, wishes and incidents.
  • to organize explanations about their ideas and plans, to tell a story, to convey the plot of a movie or a book, and to state their impressions about them.

In Language Lab courses students;

  • can practice all the language skills and abilities which they get through Communicative Approach, within interactive software.
  • can develop their grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening skills through the activities in the program.
  • can have the chance to be their own teacher which affects them in a positive way with their motivation.
  • can practice their pronunciation by recording their own voices.