The Department of Basic English

The Department of Basic English aims to provide the students whose level of English is below proficiency level with basic language skills so that they can pursue %30 of their undergraduate courses at our university without major difficulty and also to be able to communicate in English and use it effectively in their jobs in the future. To achieve this aim, the department runs a two-semester intensive program placing emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Students are given an English Proficiency and Placement Test at the beginning of each academic year. Students who pass the English Proficiency and Placement Test become entitled to start their undergraduate studies while those who fail are required to attend Prep. School. Prep. The aim of the program is to ensure that the students who start their education at different language levels reach the same targeted proficiency level at the end of the academic year. Thus, the courses are designed in line with the set objectives to be attained throughout the academic year. The program consists of courses geared towards improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as grammar.
The Department of Basic English, with its lending library, various educational materials and tools, computer and multi-media facilities, silent study rooms and services on the Internet, offers its students several educational opportunities outside the class.


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