Teachers’ Professional Development Unit

Teachers' Professional Development Unit (TPDU) was established at Bulent Ecevit University, School of Foreign Languages in the 2013-2014 Academic Year. The activities offered by the TPDU aim to extend the existing pedagogical knowledge, skills and experience of teaching staff by promoting lifelong learning.

Teachers' Professional Development Unit provides a range of services;

TPDU offers pre-service training and orientations to the newly-hired staff. With this aim, it organizes the meetings where all the units at our school inform the newly-hired teachers about their activities. TPDU also schedules the classroom observations in order to enable the new staff the opportunity to observe a volunteer-experienced teacher to have an opinion about the issues related to classroom practices such as how to conduct the lessons, use/exploit the course materials etc.

TPDU also examines the professional development needs of all teaching staff and offers the necessary in-service training activities to address these needs. Moreover, by sharing information about the current approaches and recent trends in foreign language education, TPDU supports the professional development of all teaching staff.

The TPDU members are responsible for organizing the professional development activities cooperating with the administration, all other units, and all the teaching staff who actively participate and support the service the unit offers.


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