Curriculum and Material Development Unit

As a part of SFL that seeks constant development and innovation, Department of Basic English also aims to continuously improve the content and quality of our English education. The Curriculum and Material Development Unit (CMDU) plays an important role in this aspect. The unit consists of four instructors that are also active as teachers in the classroom. The main duties of this unit are as follows.

-  Preparing and developing the curriculum of a whole academic year.

-  Analyzing the books that are chosen for each year’s curriculum, planning and developing materials to complement the curriculum taking into consideration our educational philosophy

-  Determining the needs of our students, working in coordination with the administration, the testing members and the instructors and developing materials to fulfill these needs while taking into consideration our philosophy and goals as a university.

The instructors of this unit also work as level coordinators. Since English education in our school is given at 3 different levels, level coordinators coordinate the materials and curriculum of each level, arrange meetings, follow evaluation of the levels, and serve as a bridge between the administration and lecturers. The level coordinators’ duties are as it follows:

- They arrange weekly meetings with lecturers of the related level

- They evaluate the studies in every class of that level, the difficulties that are experienced, and the comments and suggestions about the materials used in classes.

- They share information they get in meetings with the Testing Office Members so that they can decide on the content of the exams.


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